U-19 national team lost Posture, but Superior Speed ​​over Espanyol B

U-19 national team lost Posture, but Superior Speed ​​over Espanyol B
U-19 national team midfielder (national team) Egy Maulana admitted ready to fight Espanyol B although the opposing team is considered superior posture Agen Bola Sbobet.

The match between the U-19 and Espanyol B will take place at the Gelora Stadium of Fire Flame (GBLA), Friday (14/7/2017) at 18.30 WIB.

“We are losing posture, but we are winning in speed, it seems we will maximize it,” Egy said when met at the Hilton Hotel Bandung, Thursday (14/7/2017) afternoon.

Egy rate, test match is not the case win or lose. For him, the chance to try out the European team is a moment to gain knowledge and experience as part of the preparations for the AFF and AFC Cups.

“Surely we have prepared from the beginning of February (2017) .The coach has told us how to play, we also want to learn how to face the pressure they love and get out of that pressure,” he said.

“We really need pressure because we want to learn from the difficulties that we will face,” said Egy. “If they (Espanyol) put pressure on us, we will be able to overcome (pressure) in the AFF and AFC tournaments.
Newly awarded Jouer Revelation Trophee at the Toulon 2017 tournament, France, said the current physical condition of his comrades is ready for combat.

However, Egy does not deny that there is little problem to be solved by Indra Sjafri’s team.

“Improvements may be in finishing, we are still lacking, but we are learning to continue until we find the right ones so the actual tournament is not like this,” Egy said.

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