Timnas Indonesia U-22 Vs Malaysia: 7 Interesting Facts of Young Tigers

Timnas Indonesia U-22 Vs Malaysia: 7 Interesting Facts of Young Tigers

Indonesia U-22 national team ready to try out Malaysia U-22 in the first match of U-23 Asia Cup 2018 qualifier, Group H, this afternoon. This exciting match will be held in Thailand, precisely at the National Stadium, Bangkok.

For the Indonesian soccer public, Malaysia is not a foreign opponent. The two neighbors are used to meeting in the field in various types of matches. Either just a test match, a real friendship or tournament.

High tension often accompanies the duel of the two countries of this family. No one wants to lose to the opposing team. However, this time, a slightly greater opportunity to bend the opponent bagged Indonesia U-22 national team.

The reason, the Malaysian U-22 national team is being wracked internal conditions that worse, due to the reluctance of a number of clubs off their players to the national team to follow the training camp.

However, conditions on the ground can be different. Moreover, as submitted Malaysian national team coach U-22, Ong Kim Swee, meeting with Indonesia always raises a different aura.
Well, what things to know about teams dubbed the Young Tiger and their current condition before dealing with U-22 U-22 National Team U-22? Here’s the summary:

Short Exercises

1. Trained Ong Kim Swee
The figure of Ong Kim Swee is also already well known Indonesian football lovers. The 46-year-old coach has already led Malaysia U-23 national team won the SEA Games gold medal in 2011. Opponent who defeated Ong Kim Swee and U-23 Malaysian national team at the time was Indonesia.

Ong Kim Swee had become caretaker senior coach in 2015 and inaugurated a senior team head coach in early 2016 with a duration of two-year contract. However, in March 2017, following the turn of the Malaysian Football Association (FAM) President, his post was downgraded to be U-22 national team coach.

2. 5 days of practice
Malaysia U-22 AFC U-23 Cup qualification projections only have effective time to practice for five days ahead of departure to Bangkok, Monday (17/07/2017).

Although the training camp began on July 5, 2017, the tug-of-war interests of the team versus the club put players in and out of TC so TC did not go as planned because the players were never complete.
Ong Kim Swee
The first time to practice, there are only six players who meet the call. Shortly thereafter, TC followed only two players. The number of players doubled the day before beruji try against Myanmar (13/7/2017). Only, after the test, the Malayan Tiger squad has diminished as players are drawn back to the club.

A number of media publishing Affairs Jiran even considers the training camp like a hotel for the players, because they come in and out easily from the TC session.

3. 6 mainstay players absent
Impact of club reluctance to release players to the national team, there are six players needed Ong Kim Swee, cancel join. They are Matthew Davies and Nor Azam Azih (Pahang), S. Kumaahran and Syamer Kutty Abba (Pulau Pinang) and Haziq Nadzli, Safawi Rasid (Johor Darul Ta’zim). Due to failed join, Ong Kim Swee was forced to find their replacement in a relatively short time.

4. 1 injured player at crucial moment
After leaving six players who are not released pillars of each club, Ong Kim Swee has got 23 players who will be brought to Bangkok. However, in the final moments, he had to lose one player, Tommy Mawat, who was injured.

As a result, Malaysia U-22 national team only departed with 22 players because Ong Kim Swee decided not to look for a substitute.

Trial Series

5. Problems of physiotherapy and masseur
If the problem of players is not enough to be a blow, Malaysia U-22 also have to lose the physiotherapist and the sorter who has been with the team for some time.

The physiotherapist and massage instructor from the State Sports Institute (ISN) was prevented from participating with the national team when heading to Bangkok. Both are called unsuitable procedures and replaced with others, yesterday.

6. 2 wins in the test match
Ahead of AFC U-23 Cup 2018 qualification, Malaysia U-22 national team had undergone trials. When the training camp is not constrained players absent because it was held during a holiday competition.

Malaysia U-22 national team recorded five times undergoing trials. Three trials are played in China on June 8-16, 2017 and two matches are being held in Malaysia.

As a result, the Malayan Tiger team lost 0-1 to the China Under-22 team, playing 2-2 against the Guangzhou R & F reserve team, and a 3-0 win over the Guangzhou Evergrande reserve team.

Returning from China, Malaysia U-22 national team conquered Melaka United with a score of 1-5 (22/6/2017) and win 2-0 from the Myanmar National Team U-22 (13/7/2017).

7. Will use the scheme 3 defender
The 3-4-3 formation was tested on an eight-day tour in China last June and defeated Myanmar 2-0, 13 July 2017 at the Shah Alam Stadium in Selangor.

“I’ve been testing this scheme since handling the team last April, and the players are well adapted, we played in five trials using this scheme, but the real match has a different level,” Ong Kim Swee said of his flagship formation in Malaysia U-22.

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