Persela Ambition Ambeng Coreng Record Record

Persela Ambition Ambeng Coreng Record Record

Persela Lamongan spread optimism will tarnish the unbeaten record at home to Persib Bandung. Both teams will fight on the continuation of League 1 Indonesia at Gelora Bandung Stadium of Fire (GBLA), Wednesday (07/12/2017) night.

Coach Persela Lamongan Heri Kiswanto rate, despite carrying a difficult mission, the opportunity to embarrass Persib in front of his own supporters remain open.

“Football is 90 minutes with collectivities are both fighting in the field.We will play the maximum and we are not afraid of big teams,” Heri said in a press conference at Graha Persib, Jalan Sulanja, Tuesday (11/07/2017).

3-1 victory over PBFC became an important capital for Samsul Arif cs. Heri said the victory at once inject the motivation of foster children to be able to reduce high determination camp host.

“For Persela this term motivation capital, but I still respect to persib because big team .. Of course we try to steal points although we know yesterday Persib disadvantaged, but at home Persib dangerous.On the player also I expect to achieve maximum results and hard work, “Said Heri.

In addition, the existence of a number of former Persib players like Samsul Arif and M Agung Pribadi to be an important ammunition for Laskar Joko Tingkir.

“Just like Bali United (a lot of former Persib players) I hope the players can develop tomorrow versus persib ability can come out for the team to be solid,” he explained.

Heri believes the match tonight will present an interesting spectacle. Because Heri guarantee his team did not want dictated Persib game and promise fierce resistance for Maung Bandung.

“Hopefully we will not lose, of course the game will be crowded,” he said.

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