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Arsenal coach Celtic Dembele Striker

Arsenal coach Celtic Dembele Striker

Arsenal coach, Arsene Wenger is preparing an offer to bring Celtic striker Moussa Dembele Judi Online.

Media says Wenger sees Dembele as a potential replacement for the position left by Alexis Sanchez.

Former Fulham star Dembele scored a stunning result with Celtic, scoring 32 goals in all competitions to help the Glasgow team win the Scottish league and other trophies.

The stunning season of competition includes the first hat-trick since 1966, in a 5-1 win against Rangers in September, and five goals in the Champions League.

The 21-year-old is also on the Scottish Premiership this season.

Dembele was given a price tag of £ 30 million earlier this summer, but Celtic is expected to ask for more because he still has the remaining contract for three years.

Ligue 1 giant club, Marseille currently also enliven the hunt for signature Striker mainstay Celtic, Moussa Dembele.

The figure of the French national attacker has become one of the hottest transfer targets in Europe today.

U-19 national team lost Posture, but Superior Speed ​​over Espanyol B

U-19 national team lost Posture, but Superior Speed ​​over Espanyol B
U-19 national team midfielder (national team) Egy Maulana admitted ready to fight Espanyol B although the opposing team is considered superior posture Agen Bola Sbobet.

The match between the U-19 and Espanyol B will take place at the Gelora Stadium of Fire Flame (GBLA), Friday (14/7/2017) at 18.30 WIB.

“We are losing posture, but we are winning in speed, it seems we will maximize it,” Egy said when met at the Hilton Hotel Bandung, Thursday (14/7/2017) afternoon.

Egy rate, test match is not the case win or lose. For him, the chance to try out the European team is a moment to gain knowledge and experience as part of the preparations for the AFF and AFC Cups.

“Surely we have prepared from the beginning of February (2017) .The coach has told us how to play, we also want to learn how to face the pressure they love and get out of that pressure,” he said.

“We really need pressure because we want to learn from the difficulties that we will face,” said Egy. “If they (Espanyol) put pressure on us, we will be able to overcome (pressure) in the AFF and AFC tournaments.
Newly awarded Jouer Revelation Trophee at the Toulon 2017 tournament, France, said the current physical condition of his comrades is ready for combat.

However, Egy does not deny that there is little problem to be solved by Indra Sjafri’s team.

“Improvements may be in finishing, we are still lacking, but we are learning to continue until we find the right ones so the actual tournament is not like this,” Egy said.

Persela Ambition Ambeng Coreng Record Record

Persela Ambition Ambeng Coreng Record Record

Persela Lamongan spread optimism will tarnish the unbeaten record at home to Persib Bandung. Both teams will fight on the continuation of League 1 Indonesia at Gelora Bandung Stadium of Fire (GBLA), Wednesday (07/12/2017) night.

Coach Persela Lamongan Heri Kiswanto rate, despite carrying a difficult mission, the opportunity to embarrass Persib in front of his own supporters remain open.

“Football is 90 minutes with collectivities are both fighting in the field.We will play the maximum and we are not afraid of big teams,” Heri said in a press conference at Graha Persib, Jalan Sulanja, Tuesday (11/07/2017).

3-1 victory over PBFC became an important capital for Samsul Arif cs. Heri said the victory at once inject the motivation of foster children to be able to reduce high determination camp host.

“For Persela this term motivation capital, but I still respect to persib because big team .. Of course we try to steal points although we know yesterday Persib disadvantaged, but at home Persib dangerous.On the player also I expect to achieve maximum results and hard work, “Said Heri.

In addition, the existence of a number of former Persib players like Samsul Arif and M Agung Pribadi to be an important ammunition for Laskar Joko Tingkir.

“Just like Bali United (a lot of former Persib players) I hope the players can develop tomorrow versus persib ability can come out for the team to be solid,” he explained.

Heri believes the match tonight will present an interesting spectacle. Because Heri guarantee his team did not want dictated Persib game and promise fierce resistance for Maung Bandung.

“Hopefully we will not lose, of course the game will be crowded,” he said.

Madura United Mute Persib, Atep Still Complain Referee

Madura United Mute Persib, Atep Still Complain Referee
Captain Persib Bandung, Atep still complained about the referee’s decision when his team defeated host Madura United. Atep felt the referee’s decision was less precise, especially when annulled Persib goal Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

Madura United 3-1 win over Persib at Pamelingan Queen Stadium, Pamekasan, Sunday, July 9, 2017. In the match of the 13th week of League 1 2017, two goals from Raphael Maitimo Persib and Michael Essien disallowed by referee Kusni.

According Atep, mentally the team players nicknamed Maung Bandung was dropped, because the referee’s decision is detrimental. Atep also assess the draw is more appropriate for the match Madura United Persib cons.
“We, players have struggled to the maximum, we are open to pursue victory, if Maitimo or Essien goal is validated, it will be different result, because our mental down after goal disallowed,” said Atep, as reported by Persib official website.
Positive Response

The player from Cianjur said, when Persib is one goal behind, he and his teammates still can respond positively by playing esktra for equalization. Unfortunately, the goal created canceled court field.

“I do not know why the referee, I and my friends would be disappointed, but we are quite a draw, but, we still have to look forward to the game,” said Atep.

Griezmann Happy Lacazette Join Arsenal

Griezmann Happy Lacazette Join Arsenal
The French duo duo, Alexandre Lacazette and Antoine Griezmann, do have a very close relationship. Both 26-year-old players were also showing off their friendship in social media.

Alexandre Lacazette just broke Arsenal transfer record after trafficked from Olympique Lyon on Wednesday (5/7/2017), with a dowry 52.7 million pounds (about Rp 908 billion). The move has the support of compatriot Antoine Griezmann.

“Very happy for you guys,” chirped Griezmann through his Twitter account.

“Thank you mate,” said Lacazette reply to her friend’s comment that is the Atletico Madrid striker.

Such a warm relationship between Lacazette and Griezmann is not just this time on social media.

They even uploaded the same photo on Saturday (03/06/2017) after Griezmann thrilling nets Paraguay in a friendly match at Roazhon Stadium.

On Saturday (24/06/2017), Griezmann and Lacazette again uploaded a similar photo while walking around the beach in Los Angeles, United States.

In fact, they are both compact using NBA pebasket clothes, where Lacazette wearing Kyrie Irving costume (Cleveland Cavaliers), while Griezmann wearing a Kobe Bryant (Los Angeles Lakers) uniform.

Official Join Arsenal, Lacazette Breaks Ozil Transfer Record

Official Join Arsenal, Lacazette Break Transfer Deal Oezil Arsenal broke the transfer record of the club’s purchase in the transfer market this summer when hooking Alexandre Lacazette from Olympique Lyon on Wednesday (5/7/2017) Dadu Online.

Transfer process Alexandre Lacazette to Arsenal long enough. The Gunners – the nickname of Arsenal – had made several pricing offers, but Lyon firmly set a price of 60 million euros (Rp 908 billion).

Finally, Arsenal agreed to fulfill Lyon’s wishes. The transfer value is the highest in the entire history of the Gunners club.

The last time Arsenal broke the club transfer record took place in early 2013-2014. The Gunners willingly transferred funds to Real Madrid account of 47 million euros in order to bring in Mesut Oezil.

As reported by The Guardian, Arsenal tie Lacazette with a five-year contract. Certainty of this transfer was greeted happily manager Arsene Wenger.

“We are delighted Alexandre joined the squad, and in recent years, he has shown his ability as a highly efficient goal-scorer and financier,” Wenger told the club’s official website.

“In addition, Lacazette also has very interesting technical qualities and strong character, so he is a great addition to our squad and will help the team to challenge the top position of the 2017-2018 season,” he said.

Lacazette Jufa admitted delighted with the certainty of himself joining Arsenal. He admitted that this transfer is one of his dreams as a footballer.

“Of course I am very happy to be proud because Arsenal is a legendary club I always dreamed of being able to join and today the dream is realized,” Lacazette told the club’s official website.

“Arsenal is also a club that plays the best football style in England, so I really want to join here,” he said.

Lacazette is the original player built by Lyon. He has been with the Les Gones academy since he was 12 years old.

During the defense of Lyon’s first team, Lacazette has featured in 275 games with 129 goals and 43 assists.

Lacazette’s two goals for Lyon against Nice in the final game in Ligue 1 2016-2017 also completed a 100-goal incision in the French league’s highest caste.

This transfer became the second for Arsenal in the summer of 2017. Previously, the Gunners managed to tie defender from Schalke, Sead Kolasinac, for free.

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