Odemwingie Compare English League and League 1

Odemwingie Compare English League and League 1

Marquee player Madura United, Peter Odemwingie, rich experience playing in the Premier League Link Alternatif Sbobet. Already playing for half a season with Madura United, Odemwingie revealed interesting facts about Premier League and League 1 comparisons.

Odemwingie talks about it in a video released by League 1 on their official Youtube channel. He said that there are some similarities between the English League and League 1.

“I think League 1 is pretty hard and it relies heavily on physical strength although here not many have body postures like me or other English League players,” said the 24-backed player.

“Moreover, I came from the Stoke City club but their energy is not lost, here the tempo is fast and many people have good skills, especially our team, there are so many talents in our team that is why we are at the top of the standings,” he added.

If Indonesian clubs can provide adequate facilities, he believes Indonesian football can compete at international level one day later.

“If you see players here are very talented, but must be supported by adequate organization and training facilities,” he said.

In particular, the most memorable thing for players number 24 stub in Madura United is the style of support club supporters in Indonesia.

“When the game was so great here, I really enjoyed both home and away matches.” The choreography of fans here is incredible, they support not only during the game but also during training, “Odemwingie said.

“All that makes the league’s shortcomings are covered,” he said.

Odemwingie with Bali United striker, Sylvano Comvalius, temporarily became top scorer League 1. They both carve 13 goals.

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